Half Day Afternoon Walking Tour in Istanbul


Daily Departs at 13 : 30 Pm –Returns 17:00 Pm

You will visit to ;

  • Topkapi Palace Museum
  • Sultans Harem
  • Hagia Irene Church


  • Drop Back to  the Hotels
  • English Guide Service
  • Topkapi Palace Museum
  • Hagia Irene Church Ticket


  • No Pick up from the Hotel
  • Tips
  • Drinks

Information About the Tour Places ;


Topkapi Palace Museum, this extraordinary and secret palace was the residence of the imperial Ottoman Sultans and the center of the Ottoman might for nearly 400 years. The building is a typical example of Ottoman architecture. The rooms exhibit rich collections of porcelains, robes, weapons, shields, armors, Ottoman miniatures, Islamic calligraphic manuscripts, and Ottoman treasures and jewelry.

Hagia Irene Church (Greek: Αγία Ειρήνη) or Hagia Eirene (Medieval Greek: Ἁγία Εἰρήνη Greek pronunciation: [aˈʝia iˈrini], “Holy Peace”, Turkish: Aya İrini), sometimes known also as Saint Irene, is an Eastern Orthodox church located in the outer courtyard of Topkapı Palace in Istanbul. It is the oldest known church in the city and the only Byzantine church in Istanbul that was never converted into a mosque, as it was used as an arsenal for storing weapons until the 19th century. The Hagia Irene today operates as a museum and concert hall.




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