Disrupted Istanbul Metrobus services frustrate commuters

Commuters in Istanbul were met with significant inconvenience Monday after services were disrupted on the Altunizade Metrobus line, a vital artery of the bustling city.

Passengers were forced to disembark from the malfunctioning bus and traverse the lines. The situation led to a surge in vehicles and passengers on the Metrobus route, stretching to the Acıbadem stop, as services could not proceed.

Maintenance teams dispatched to the scene worked to rectify the malfunction, temporarily pulling the affected vehicle off the road.

In a statement released on the official social media account of the Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Company (IETT) General Directorate, assurances were given that vehicle maintenance is conducted regularly.

However, unforeseen circumstances beyond their control may lead to disruptions in service, it added. The statement reassured commuters that the situation had been addressed and normal services had resumed.

Disgruntled citizens, who were delayed in reaching their destinations, voiced their frustration over the disruption. Some passengers, informed of the Metrobus line’s status by officials, were forced to seek alternative public transportation options.

Social media platforms were flooded with images and complaints from citizens, urging Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) officials to take measures to prevent such disruptions in public transportation.

The ripple effect of the Metrobus service disruption prompted commuters on the route to opt for private vehicles, exacerbating traffic congestion on connection roads with Altunizade.

Critics blamed incumbent Mayor Ekrem Imamoğlu, citing ongoing issues in public transport, including lapses in vehicle maintenance and bus schedule delays.

In recent years, Mayor Imamoğlu has come under fire for his handling of crisis management in the city especially during severe weather conditions and floods.

Imamoğlu’s election campaign pledges to tackle Istanbul’s traffic woes, promising real municipal service improvements, if re-elected.

Frustrated residents highlight the need for decisive action to address the city’s chronic traffic issues, emphasizing the importance of effective governance and crisis management in urban centers like Istanbul.

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