Yalı Çapkını (The Golden Boy) Turkish Tv Series

The Yalı Çapkını (The Golden Boy) is a Turkish drama series from 2022 created by Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu. The main characters are Afra Saraçoğlu, Mert Ramazan Demir and Çetin Tekindor, known from the series Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters.


Ferit Korhan grew up in a rich family and is used to not denying himself anything. Endless parties, new girlfriends – this is how he spends his normal everyday life, he is not particularly interested in the future or the achievements in life. Ferit’s behavior upsets his grandfather, the respectable businessman Halis Korhan. Halis Ağa decides that his grandson will marry a suitable girl from Gaziantep. Although Ferit does not want to get married, he cannot go against his grandfather’s words. Finding the right bride is the task of Halis’ eldest daughter-in-law, İfakat (Gülçin Şantırcıoğlu). He finds Suna (Beril Pozam), the older daughter of the Şanlı family in Gaziantep, suitable. On the night of the proposal, Suna and her sister Seyran (Afra Saraçoğlu) also get big surprises.

The series is based on a true story, from the book by Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu.

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