Vatanım Sensin ( Wounded Love ) Turkish Tv Series

Vatanım Sensin (lit. ’You are my homeland’, alternatively known as Wounded Love in English) is a Turkish television drama set during the last years of Ottoman Empire and the Turkish War of Independence. The main character “Cevdet” is based on the life of Mustafa Mümin Aksoy, whose nickname was “Gavur Mümin”. The first episode aired on October 26, 2016, on Kanal D. It stars Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel.

The series begins with the Balkan Wars, after World War One and the death of Hasan Tahsin, who was the first to open fire on the Greek soldiers that landed at Izmir on May 15, 1919. The first season finished with the foundation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on April 23, 1920.

The second season begins with the Treaty of Sèvres on August 10, 1920. The series finished with Liberation of İzmir by Turkish army on September 9, 1922.


Colonel Cevdet, a major who served in Thessaloniki of the Ottoman Army towards the end of the Balkan War is a patriotic soldier. He is a passionate lover to his wife Azize, and a compassionate father to his children Ali Kemal, Yıldız and Hilal, and a good son to his mother, Hasibe Hanım. While in the army, he and his close friend Miralay Tevfik were resisting with all his might to not lose his homeland at the front, an event that happened to him will open a new page in his life, he will be forced to break away from the Cevdet family, and he will be forced to break away from the Thessaloniki Province. Tevfik will help Azize, who had to immigrate from Thessaloniki to Izmir. He is with them at the expense of revealing his hidden feelings towards Azize. However, Tevfik also has a big secret.

Azize, on the other hand, will find herself in a difficult struggle with her husband, three children and mother-in-law. After the incident that happened to his wife, whom he loved dearly, the Ankara Government will raise his children by struggling with the absence of Cevdet, who went to the Greek side as an agent in favour of Mustafa Kemal and his friends, and the difficulties of the war years. Yıldız is a beautiful girl with high eyes and Hilal is a patriotic and combative young girl.


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